ODSAL is one of the venues in the running to house the new Rugby Football League headquarters.

The game's governing body are currently based at Red Hall in Leeds but are considering a move – and the iconic home of the Bulls is one possible site.

Bradford Council have been among those contacted by the RFL to see if they would be interested.

"We haven't sold Red Hall yet but we're certainly talking about relocating," said RFL chief operating officer Ralph Rimmer.

"We contacted all the local authorities along the M62 as we've got a pretty good relationship with most of the CEOs and leaders. We said we were looking at relocating and put your best foot forward.

"There's a race running at the moment and that will get us to the right place. Bradford have put their foot forward on it. It's taken a dent recently for a couple of reasons but they're in the mix."

The Bulls have opened fresh talks with both the council and RFL about carrying out much-needed improvements to the stadium.

Joint-owner Andrew Chalmers said: "We believe it needs an upgrading or a state-of-the-art new development.

"I know it's been a topic which has been floated about for decades but the problem doesn't go away.

"The club have commenced discussions on development options with the stakeholders.

"They're only preliminary talks with the council and the RFL but we're aiming to improve the viability of remaining at Odsal in the long run.

"It's a long-term investment strategy but ultimately, in my view, has to happen.

"Odsal is rugby league heartland. Sure, it's tired and needs an upgrade or major development and that's why those discussions will continue."