FORMER Salford and Wakefield centre or second rower Jason Walton has become the first confirmed departure from Bulls.

The 26-year-old Walton, who left Wakefield at the end of last season to join the Bulls on a two-year contract, has signed an initial 12-month deal with Featherstone.

Walton, who became a free agent on Tuesday when Bradford went into liquidation, said: "It has all happened very fast. I was 90 per cent sure the Bulls were going to survive, we were told a new owner was coming in.

"That is in the past now, though, and I am very happy to be joining Featherstone. This is a club I have always wanted to play for and am confident I can do well here."

Featherstone head coach Jon Sharp said: "First and foremost it is a shame what has happened to Bradford and one of the casualties is that players find themselves out of work.

"Jason is one of them and he finds himself looking for another club. We were able to move quickly and we are thrilled to have him here."