KARL Harrison's departure from the Bulls has not spelt the end of his career in rugby league – far from it.

His time in coaching may be over but a new venture will see him work closely with current players and other elite sportsmen and women.

The former England coach is heading up the sports management company Elite Star Management.

It was formed several years ago by Richard Cramer as the sports agency side of his Leeds-based legal practice Front Row Legal but will now be revived and fronted by Harrison.

Cramer has worked with some of the biggest names in both codes of rugby such as Shaun Edwards, Ellery Hanley and Kyle Eastmond.

He has also enjoyed victories in various legal disputes.

Cramer's team represented Francis Cummins earlier this year when the former Bradford coach successfully sued the Bulls for wrongful dismissal.

Harrison and Cramer have long since talked about going into partnership and now their ambitions will be realised.

"Whilst I have still got a few brain cells I would like to utilise them in different areas," explains Harrison.

"Richard formed Elite Star Management a few years ago but Front Row Legal has become too busy and all his energies have gone into his legal practice.

"Therefore his sports management company – Elite Star Management – has taken a back seat although he does still look after a select few Super League players.

"I'm going in there to run it for him and we are looking for new clients to join us.

"I've already got all sorts of packages lined up for players and we will cater for all aspects of their life.

"We will look at player welfare, educational programmes and sponsorship deals, as well as legal and accountancy services such as financial advice and wealth management.

"We can offer the legal expertise of Front Row Legal – so it's the complete package, which not many other sports agencies do.

"People in the game who know me know that I always put players first and that's how I will run this business.

"We will look after Super League players, Championship players and young players who want to go places.

"I'm not going to become a recruitment agency where we end up with 70 to 80 players because that's not fair on me, the business or the player as you can't give them the service they require.

"I want players to go out on the field with the peace of mind knowing that everything is looked after. All they will have to do is focus on training and playing."

Harrison, whose brother Paul is the Batley Bulldogs chief executive, is keen not to restrict his work to the 13-man code.

He says rugby union players, footballers and even coaches can turn to Elite Star Management.

"I've got significant contacts that I will utilise and between Richard and I, we know everyone in both codes," said Harrison.

"We're looking to work with good players of either code, strength and conditioning coaches and also physiotherapists.

"We're focusing on sports management in general, so we're looking at numerous sports and the different fields within those sports.

"We've already had a freestyle mountain climber get in touch with us for specialist advice."

The timing of the venture is perfect for Harrison following his end-of-season departure from the Bulls as assistant to Jimmy Lowes.

Harrison said: "Richard and I have been friends for a long time and have really pushed it on in the last 12 months.

"I put a business plan to him and he's bought into it, so I will be the face of Elite Star Management.

"I've been a Super League player, an international player, a Championship coach, a Super League coach and an England coach.

"I've been in board meetings and I know I can deal with any sort of person at any level.

"Nobody else can offer what we are offering. There are some agencies out there who don't care about the player but I will emphasise that, with us, the player will always come first.

"We are based in Leeds city centre but I will be out on the road a lot.

"My focus was very much on the Bulls during the past year and I wanted so much for that team to get promoted.

"I'd never say never to coaching again but this is the next chapter of my life now. I'm really excited about it and have been for a few months."