SUPPORTERS trust BullBuilder believes 2015 season-ticket prices are “realistic” and is confident the team will represent value for money.

The club launched the 1863 Members Club at ‘An Evening with the Bulls’ on Thursday, with season-ticket prices more expensive than a number of Super League clubs next year and also costlier than at Bradford City.

Adults could buy a season ticket at Valley Parade for £199 this term, whereas the Bulls are charging adults £230 and £280 for season tickets on the terrace and in the Provident Stand respectively.

They are also more expensive than this season’s prices but BullBuilder chairman Mike Farren said the membership packages, which feature at least 14 home games as well as a number of exclusive features and discounts, fairly reflect the expense of assembling a formidable squad and running the club.

On Thursday night those costs were outlined by chairman Marc Green to supporters, who can pay for their season ticket in six monthly instalments.

Green said Bradford would be spending up to the salary cap of £1million next year and that the cost of running the club next year amounted to £2.7 million.

Farren said: “We appreciate the concern expressed by some supporters regarding the increase in season ticket price and its cost relative to that of other clubs, including Super League clubs.

“We understand that it will be difficult for some supporters to buy a season ticket outright, and for this reason we think that it is good that the club has offered interest-free payment terms over six monthly instalments.

“However, we also appreciate the candour and clarity with which Marc Green and Steve Ferres have painted the club's financial position.

“They made it very plain what it would cost to return the Bulls to Super League and to keep them at Odsal.

“We also understand that a fully-funded Academy set-up is included in the costing – a view which is supported by the new coaching appointments, and which BullBuilder believes is essential for the future success of the club.

“Even though the Bulls will be in the championship next season, a strong squad including plenty of Super League experience has been assembled, giving a realistic hope of return to Super League at the earliest opportunity. "

The Bulls previously found themselves in financial trouble after selling season tickets on the cheap.

Farren added: "Following the consequences of under-priced season tickets in recent years, we believe that a realistic price needs to be in place, and that the squad assembled will still deliver good value for money.”

* As of 11am this morning in the T&A ballot, 147 fans voted they were happy with the season-ticket prices, with 174 voting they were unhappy.