SIMON Grayson will insist City are all suited and booted for his much-delayed Valley Parade debut – if the weather allows it.

The Bantams boss is "very hopeful" they will get the game on against high-flying Wigan tomorrow night after two postponements.

Saturday's clash with MK Dons was called off just over an hour and a half before kick-off, forcing Grayson to arrange an impromptu training session at Apperley Bridge.

The players had arrived at the ground by the time it was cancelled – all in suit and tie as part of a policy change under the new manager.

Grayson said: "I've done it at all the other clubs and sometimes we've gone back to tracksuits later.

"It's just to keep players on their toes. When we announced it on Friday, there were a few late shoppers – some of the young lads probably didn't have a shirt and tie in the wardrobe!

"It was something to change it – a bit of discipline, if you like, but also banter as well.

"Players are coming into the dressing room at 1pm and some have got dodgy rascal gear on and they'll get slaughtered for it!

"It's also a little bit more professionalism as well and maybe we'll get to the stage when we might even get club suits. But that's somewhere further down the line."

City keeper Colin Doyle admitted: "I couldn't even tell you the last time I wore a suit to a game – I'll probably have to crack out the 2010 club suit from Birmingham.

"There were some sights in the dressing room. Dom (Poleon) came in with a lively light grey suit with a red tie and Macca (Tony McMahon) is saying he'll get his white one out between now and the end of the season."

Grayson appreciates the frustration about the Valley Parade pitch, which does not suit anyone, but understands the huge costs that would be involved in replacing it. The club are looking to revamp the drainage system over the summer.

He said: "It's a problem that's gone a long way back. I remember watching the games when they had the good cup runs and it wasn't in the best condition.

"It suited Bradford City when they were playing the likes of Arsenal.

"It needs doing if possible but I understand it's not cheap. It needs some major work on it.

"A football club like Bradford should have a good pitch because it will help with the good players we've got.

"But I fully understand it's not that easy to go and find X amount of money to make the pitch how you'd like it to be."