In the latest edition of our look back through the T&A picture archives, here are five football teams from the past.

Do you recognise yourself or anyone you know in any of these photos?

Pictured above, Dudley Hill’s 1983 line-up.

Back: Colin Cooke, Fred Davey, Glen Wood, John Thrippleton, Kevin Walsh, Graham Oates, Kevin Wright, Davie Wright, Norman Williams. Front: Shaun Riley, Paul Devanney, Eric Sager, John Hudson, Barry Williams, Russell Frost, Roy Rander.

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Bradford Telegraph and Argus: DUDLEY HILL ATHLETIC TEAM 1984

DUDLEY HILL ATHLETIC TEAM 1984: Back: G Cook, J Hudson, P Annes, M Mattocks, J Hadfield, C Stanley, N Sutcliffe, B Williams, B Wright, D Forsythe. Front: N Adamson, S Roper, K Wright, D Wright, R Chatt.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: DUDLEY HILL 1984

DUDLEY HILL 1984: Back: K Wright (player-manager), G Cook (president), P Annis, C Stanley, N Sutcliffe, J Hadfield, M Mattocks, B Wright, M Williams (trainer). Front: N Adamson, D Williams, R Chatt, J Hudson, B Forsyth, D Wright.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: DUDLEY HILL 1985

DUDLEY HILL 1985: Back: K Wright, G Cooke, B Williams, R Chatt, G Kitchen, J Attfield, D Barraclough, G Oats, B Wright. Front: P Anness, S Fuller, D Wright, B Devenney, N Adamson, S Riley, B Brooksbank. At the front is the mascot P Wright.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: DUDLEY HILL 1993

DUDLEY HILL 1993: Back: Colin Cook, Paul Dillon, Andrew Illingworth, Paul McKenzie, Scott Delahaye, Craig Delahaye, Eddie Halliwell, Sean Kerry, Granville Cook. Front: David Elvidge, Gary Elvidge, Malcolm Dimbleby, Jamie Bell, Patrick Kerry, Steve Belcher, Mark Carr.

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