WIBSEY do not know when they will play their Yorkshire Vase quarter-final at home to Wensleydale.

The match was postponed yesterday due to a frozen pitch, and although Wensleydale have a free date on Saturday, March 16, Wibsey have Yorkshire Division Four Premier fixtures all the way up to April 6.

Wibsey’s chairman Steve Brooke said: “If we win at Hessle next Saturday, we might ask York RI, who are below Hessle in the table, to play our match there on February 23 as a double header with eight or 10 points at stake as they will not want to come to Wibsey on March 16 for a dead rubber.

“This would then free up that date for us to play Wensleydale.

“Another option would be to play the tie on a midweek date at somewhere equidistant between us and Wensleydale, say for example Pontefract, but I have left it in the hands of Yorkshire Cup competitions organiser Dave Towler.”

As for the pitch at Northfield Road yesterday, Brooke said: “We have been up there every day since Wednesday, when it was frozen.

“We went up there on Thursday, when I didn’t think that we had a prayer, and on Friday three of us went up there and it was still frozen.

“We even thought about playing the match at Bradford Salem, but their pitch wasn’t cracking either, and our pitch was 50-50 on Saturday and, although it was very green, you couldn’t even get a key into the ground.”

Old Grovians’ Yorkshire Division Two match at home to Roundhegians was also a victim of the weather, with Grovians’ assistant coach Dan Nulty saying: “It was thawing, but there was a five-metre channel down each wing that was still frozen.

“We have re-arranged the match for Saturday, February 23.”

Bradford Salem did not travel to Middlesbrough for their Yorkshire Division One clash.

Salem’s chairman Neil Klenk said: “Middlesbrough’s ground was much like ours – frozen and snowbound - and it was called off at 9.30am yesterday.”