GARGRAVE will host the Mewies Solicitors Craven League’s Wynn Cup and Cowling Cup finals on Sunday, August 11 – as long as either of their teams are not involved in the finals.

The Cowling Cup final (for teams in Division Three or Four) will start at 10am and the Wynn Cup final (for teams in Division One or Two) at 1.30pm.

However, league fixture secretary Trevor Coe, who chaired a captains’ and umpires’ meeting at Sutton Cricket Club, said, without elaborating: “The finals will be staged on a neutral ground at Gargrave, but we have a contingency plan if they are involved in either final.”

Most of the meeting was taken up with Coe reiterating the rule changes that were passed at the league’s annual meeting in December and also bringing to the fore the law changes passed by the MCC.

He explained that there were three Sundays between most rounds of the Wynn and Cowling cups but that the league’s preference was that they are played on the first Sunday.

If they haven’t been played on the first or the second Sunday, they must be played on the third Sunday, starting at 1pm.

Free hits will be allowed if bowlers overstep.

Coe also reminded captains that they should meet with the umpires after all matches involving panel umpires to complete a match report sheet.

Among the MCC laws in operation in the league was that there are only two warnings to a bowler for dangerous high-pitched deliveries i.e. those above the waist.

Coe explained that the MCC had ruled that the waist begins where the top of the trousers normally end.

Another law change is that a non-striker should not leave the popping crease until the ball has been delivered (rather than being able to leave it when the bowler is in his or her delivery stride).