THE Bradford Mutual Sunday School League will go down from four to three divisions for the 2018 season.

There was an option before the league's annual meeting at Clayton Rugby League club to remain at four divisions, with each section having eight teams and playing each other three times, but with the loss of Mayfield (two teams) and Muff Field (two teams), Mandhata (lack of funds), Parkside (ground difficulties) and Great Horton Meths' second team (lack of players), it was decided to shed a division.

Then it was a matter of which of the two options to take – one that had already been drafted with ten teams in the top flight and middle tier and 12 in the bottom section or one that was proposed on the night, with 12, 12 and eight, and it was decided to go for the latter option.

That meant that Yorkshire LPS and Hallfield were spared relegation from Group A, and were joined there by Group B winners Salem Athletic and runners-up Yorkshire Friends.

Girlington and Great Horton Church were not relegated from Group B, with Greenfield and Allerton B both climbing from Group D.

Greenfield have formed a second team and they are in Group C.

The four-division option would have meant a season of 21 weeks, whereas the other two options would mean a 22-week season.

Constitution – Group A: Interlink, Bradford Moor YCA, Girlington, Great Horton Church, Omars, Allerton, Bradford Gymkhana, Apperley Bridge, Salem Athletic, Yorkshire Friends, Yorkshire LPS, Hallfield.

Group B: Cambing, Bradford Gymkhana B, Bowling Baptists, Girlington B, Great Horton Church B, Salem Athletic B, Denholme Clough, TABS, Hallfield B, Bradford Moor B, Greenfield, Allerton B.

Group C: Cambing B, Bowling Baptists B, Bradford Indians, Yorkshire LPS B, West Bowling, Central YMCA, Great Horton Meths B, Greenfield B.