City are confident of keeping Nahki Wells long term and heading off outside interest in the striker.

Talks are currently underway over a new four-year deal and the club believe the exciting Bermudian is just as keen to get his future sorted. The latest discussions took place on Monday afternoon.

City have dismissed reports coming out of his home-town island that they are “vulnerable” to losing Wells, who hit his 12th goal of the season at Cheltenham.

Paul Scope, owner of the player’s previous club Bermuda Hogges, claimed the Bantams had made a costly mistake by only tying him down to a one-year extension so far.

Scope said: “They have put themselves in a situation where they’re potentially vulnerable and they really can’t complain about it.

“I’m not saying Nahki should leave Bradford but they had better offer him good terms. Nahki’s 21 not 16, so he should be looking for a good wage.

“To my mind, Bradford made a business decision by extending his contract without improving it and I think they have left themselves vulnerable.”

According to the Bermuda press, Wells has already been watched by scouts from Reading and Charlton.

But City insist they will get him nailed down and are pressing to get it done as soon as possible.

Director of operations David Baldwin said: “Discussions are taking place about a long-term contract. The second-year activation of the clause was from the very first offer.

“As an asset for this club, we would like to get Nahki tied down for the long term. His agent is keen to do a deal. We’ve had talks and it’s now with the agent to come back to me.”

Wells signed last summer on a one-year deal, with the club having the option to take him for a further season on the same wages. He is understood to be one of the lowest-paid players in the squad.

Baldwin said: “Should we not come to an agreement, then as long as we offer him equal or improved terms before the end of next season then we have compensation protection for the following year because he is under 24.

“We’re hoping it will not come to that, because we want to get Nahki tied down, but it would still be a sizeable figure.”

But Scope reckons Wells is a strong bargaining position. He said: “I would either negotiate hard with Bradford or say ‘let’s see how it goes next season as you took your option’.

“If he keeps scoring goals next season, he’ll be in an even better position to improve his contract or take an offer elsewhere.”

Meanwhile, League Two champions Swindon have sold around 1,200 tickets for their visit to Valley Parade on Saturday.