City have included loan fee clauses in all deals with young starlets following their Tom Cleverley windfall.

The Bantams are guaranteed a pay-out if the likes of Everton’s George Green sign elsewhere, whether it’s permanent or not.

The club received an undisclosed amount, thought to be well over £100,000, for their sell-on percentage in Manchester United star Cleverley’s three short-term moves.

City claimed their pay-out from the champions after finding out that United had received transfer fees for Cleverley to join Watford, Leicester and Wigan.

Former head of player development Archie Christie helped broker a deal to avoid going to arbitration.

City were entitled to a cut of the fee United received whenever Cleverley’s registration was transferred to another club. But they were unaware that the other sides had paid United to take him on loan.

Joint-chairman Julian Rhodes said: “We know the contract from back to front. We just didn’t know there were any fees involved in the loans.

“It just happened that Archie found out that money had changed hands and therefore we were entitled to something.

“Tom went to United about ten years ago and it was rare at that time for loan fees to be charged. We were probably one of the first ones when Dean Windass went to Hull.

“In Tom Cleverley’s case, we’d guess any loan was simply for work experience.

“Loan fees are becoming more common than before but still do not happen very often.

“It was a bit of grey area with Man United because they didn’t think there was anything to declare. We discussed it with the league and the FA and then worked it out with United before it could have gone to arbitration.”

With several youngsters with Premier League clubs, City have now spelled out their claim for loan sell-ons in black and white.

Rhodes added: “The contracts we are signing with these lads have all this covered.

“You need to clarify with sell-ons whether it relates to permanent transfers, loans or both. Nobody every did before.

“But it’s in George Green’s deal and other similar ones with players who have joined bigger clubs.

“We followed what the FA advised us and now we have a clarification in there.”