Luke O’Brien today shot down the conspiracy theories regarding his lack of action for City.

The former player of the year has been a notable absentee during the opening month of the season.

O’Brien’s late appearance as a sub in the JPT on Tuesday was his first, sending the rumour mill into overdrive about possible reasons for his exile.

Fans have been demanding to know why he was not included, with suggestions ranging from training bust-ups to imminent transfers.

But the long-serving left back has a message for the rumour mongers: “None of them are true.”

O’Brien said: “I’m on Twitter and Facebook and people were asking me all the time.

“I read all the comments and heard the rumours but none were true.

“I heard one about me going to Preston and got on to my agent straight away and he said there was nothing to it. It was also nothing to do with discipline.

“I simply wasn’t in (Peter) Jackson’s plans. End of story.

“Everybody thought it was weird because I played pre-season and they did want Robbie (Threlfall) out. But the gaffer must have changed his mind.

“He was the manager and he could do what he wanted.”

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