Peter Taylor will not quit Valley Parade whatever the critics say.

The City boss is ready to tough it out as his position comes under increasing pressure from disgruntled fans.

Taylor is expecting a hard time from some quarters in this afternoon’s home clash with Burton.

But the flak will only serve to make him more fired up to reverse City’s fortunes. And he has no intention of giving in.

“I’m not prepared to walk away,” said Taylor. “I will meet this difficult job head on and I’m determined to turn it round.

“I’m not a fool. I can tell that I’m probably not the most popular manager Bradford City have ever had.

“My daughter wants to come to the game and I said you’d better bring some ear muffs. That’s not just because of the cold.

“I understand all that and I can handle it. In a crazy way it makes me more determined.

“I’m ready to fight it head on. I’ll just think ‘right, I’ll show you b******s.’ “That’s how I am and how I’ve always been.

“I’m as disappointed and as down as anybody after a poor performance and defeat but, by the next morning, I’m the manager again and ready to get on with it.”

Taylor had visions of repeating his double promotion success with Hull City when he signed a new one-year deal in the summer. It is looking an increasingly long shot, with the Bantams stuck in the wrong half of the table.

Three successive losses have piled on the pressure and he resents suggestions that he is not as concerned as the fans.

He said: “If people think that a manager doesn’t care as much, they are doolally. You take things very personally.

“I’d be acting like a real flash Harry if we were top. As it is now, I’m really hurting because I thought we were better than that.

“It doesn’t please me (to hear the criticism) but I’ve been around quite a bit and when I read and see things and then it turns the other way, I have a little chuckle to myself.

“If you’ve got a brilliant manager at Bradford City and he walks out, how are those supporters going to feel? If all of a sudden the manager needs a result, why should he just be sacked?

“I think this football club has been on a slippery slope for the last ten years and if they think that changing a manager every season is going to get them promotion to where they belong, I very much doubt it.

“Whatever happens, nobody will ever be able to say that I didn’t try.

“If it doesn’t work out and Julian (Rhodes) and Mark (Lawn) tell me that then no problem, we’ll shake hands and move on. They’ve been brilliant.

“But while I’m still here, I will do what I can to turn this round.”