James Hanson has been warned to buck his ideas up when he returns.

The City striker is getting closer to a comeback from his latest hamstring injury, although it will not be against Northampton.

Hanson is working hard to correct an “imbalance” in his body which could have sprung from the weight training he did in the summer.

It has been a frustrating start to the striker’s second season, having top-scored with 12 goals last term.

Peter Taylor also believes he needs to adapt to the switch from a part-time to professional lifestyle.

“It was quite nice to read Steve Williams’ comments about needing a kick up the backside,” said Taylor. “James is certainly in that bracket – he probably needs two kicks.

“He hasn’t done himself any favours this year. He’s been a little bit unlucky with the hamstring injury – the imbalance he has got isn’t his fault – but in other areas he could have done better for himself and he knows that.

“I’m very realistic on things like that and when you sign players from non-league they aren’t the finished article. They haven’t had that grounding from being at a professional club.

“It’s much harder for them because everything is very different. I think it would take somebody two years to get used to that but that’s the little risks you take. You probably don’t get Christmas cards from them in the first couple of years but hopefully they will look back and thank you for it later on.”

Hanson’s recovery has involved plenty of core strengthening to work on his back. Taylor admitted the striker’s gym sessions during the off-season could have stirred up the problem.

“It can happen from working one area too much. Sometimes you get a problem elsewhere in the body.”

Taylor still remains in the market for a loan striker after being knocked back last week.

There is cash available despite the capture of Lee Hendrie.

“The one we went for is not going to happen but I’m still looking," he said.

“Before Lee got here, the board said we could go for him and one other.

“That’s the plan, though I’m hoping that Michael Flynn and James aren’t too far away (from being fit).”

City’s weekend opponents Northampton face Liverpool at Anfield tonight in the Carling Cup.

Taylor said: “I spoke to (Liverpool assistant manager) Sammy Lee and asked him to do us a favour by taking them to extra-time!”