Tom Adeyemi has politely turned down an offer from Cambridge – that’s the world-famous university and not the football club.

Like millions of teenagers up and down the country, City’s on-loan midfielder is celebrating his A-level results. And with very good reason.

He received two A* grades in biology and chemistry and a straight A in maths – a fantastic set of results that earned him an unconditional offer from one of the country’s two premier universities.

But Adeyemi is putting his academic ambitions on the back-burner to pursue his football career.

He said: “I was obviously very pleased because I’d put a lot of hard work in to pass the exams. But I wasn’t that nervous about the results because there wasn’t that much riding on it.

“It was more worrying for a lot of my friends because they want to get into university and needed the right grades.

“But I’ve started off a career in football so hopefully the qualifications are something I can use in the future rather than right now.”

Adeyemi’s achievements buck the stereotype of the typical footballer with his brains in his boots.

But he’s not the only clever clogs in the City dressing room. Midfield partner David Syers can also boast a degree in ancient history.

News of Adeyemi’s success caught his Valley Parade team-mates by surprise.

“Not many of them even knew that I did A-levels. Then a few saw it on the internet and were really shocked. They didn’t think I was bright at all!

“But it’s something I see as being important when I’ve finished playing. Once you’ve got the results, they’ll always be there for you.

“If football doesn’t go as well as I want it to, obviously it would give me the chance to do something else. Otherwise, it gives me another option at the end of my career.

“Unless you’re playing right at the top of the game, you do need to be able to do something else eventually. Some people might go into coaching and this gives me the chance to go into a different career.”

Adeyemi, with City on a six-month loan from Norwich, is learning just as fast on the pitch.

Having scored their first goal of the season at Shrewsbury, the athletic youngster has looked an enthusiastic addition to Peter Taylor’s squad.

Adeyemi played half a season in the Canaries’ first team in League One but admits that he is still getting to grips with life in the basement division.

“It’s just the physicality of this league,” he said. “Teams are very strong and you have to be able to match them on a physical level first before you even think about playing.

“I’ve learned a lot from the short time I’ve been here and I feel the team are capable of a lot more than we’ve given already.

“It’s not just me who has come in but quite a few others as well. We haven’t played together much and it will take a while to gel.

“But I think the foundations are there. Build on that and I’m sure we will do well.”

One thing is for sure. If Adeyemi’s done the maths, then you can be pretty certain everything will add up right.