City’s new goalkeeping chief has tipped Jon McLaughlin to become one of the best in League Two.

Tim Dittmer only joined Peter Taylor’s full-time coaching staff at the end of last month but has already been impressed by what he has seen.

The Warrington-based 25-year-old certainly has an eye for talent, having worked in the academy set-ups at Premier League giants Liverpool and Everton, and insists City’s rookie custodian has the confidence and skill-set to be a success.

McLaughlin’s stellar performance in this week’s Carling Cup win against Nottingham Forest provided persuasive evidence to support his argument.

Dittmer said: “I think he’s got what it takes. He’s worth his place in the team and he doesn’t want to let it go.

“Jon’s hungry, he’s intelligent and he’s got a lot of desire. Hopefully, with some of my input, he’ll get even better and become a goalkeeper for us over a long period of time.

“I think he can be one of the stronger keepers in this league. He has the potential to do that.”

The appointment of a full-time goalkeeping coach was seen as crucial by Taylor, due to the youthful make-up of City’s trio between the posts.

McLaughlin, Lloyd Saxton and Chris Elliot have an average age of just 20 and Dittmer has found them an ideal group to work with.

“The goalkeepers here are all really keen to push on, learn and progress so hopefully, with the right work from me, they all will,” he said.

“It’s a great group to work with. They’re all young, hungry lads and enthusiastic to improve but the other good thing about them is they’re all humble.

“They’ve not got a problem with listening, asking questions and looking to improve and I’ve been impressed with that.”

All three can expect to be kept on their toes, with Dittmer planning to challenge not only their physical and technical skills but also their mental capabilities.

He said: “For me, 70 per cent of being a goalkeeper is mental. On the pitch you’re on your own, no matter what anyone says.

“You’ve got to make split-second decisions and when it’s the wrong one, everyone’s hands are flying up in the air and they’re asking what you’re doing.

“Mentally we test them, give them different ideas and make it difficult for them. With Jon being the kind of guy he is, he’s very mature like that and he deals with it very well.”