Simon Parker selects extracts from Chris Kamara’s new book ‘Mr Unbelievable’

Chris Kamara claims he may have taught Sir Alex Ferguson the flying boot trick.

Fergie famously caught David Beckham when he lashed out in the dressing room.

But Kamara did it first with City defender Richard Liburd after growing fed up with the Nottingham-based player always arriving late on match days.

The pair fell out when Liburd turned up just 20 minutes before kick-off while the rest of the squad were warming up.

Kamara said: “Liburd’s attitude really grated. He ambled in like he couldn’t have cared less.

“All he had to do was apologise or maybe ask if he was on the bench – anything to appear interested. But he turned around and walked out like a spoilt teenager.”

A fuming Kamara grabbed a practice ball and fired a half-volley at Liburd down the corridor.

He said: “Within an instant it had smacked him on the back of the head with a satisfying thudding sound, rocking him forward on his toes and into a stumble.

“I turned back to the dressing room where (assistant manager) Gary Megson was standing. ‘That’ll be the art of football management then’, he said, laughing.

“Do you know what? I would be chuffed to bits if it was me who had inspired Sir Alex Ferguson when he took Becks to task. Perhaps just once I had inspired the great man with my tactics.”