Jamie Langley column

I’ve got to start by giving big congratulations to Macca for getting the England job.

All the guys are behind him with it. It’s a good move for him but it’s unfortunate he can’t stay on with us at the same time because he’s been building a squad for the last few years and we’re just starting to get things in place.

It’s a little bit of adversity we’ll have to overcome at the end of the season but all the boys wish him the best and I’m sure he’ll be giving his all for us right up until then.

Summer’s approaching and we’ve had a few sunny days now, so a few of the boys have been looking to top their tans up.

So the Bradford car of Stu Reardon, Dave Halley and Elliott Whitehead have all been going for regular sunbeds.

Elliott’s been doing it for three or four weeks now and he’s turned a nice, light shade of orange and Stu’s been a couple of times.

Dave thought he’d have a go, being the whitest man in the world, so he went on, put three minutes in and only lasted a minute and a half before he had to come out because it was too hot for him.

He hasn’t stopped peeling since, so hopefully it’s learned him a lesson that sunbeds aren’t good for you and he should stay well clear of them.

Hopefully we’ll get the good weather for Sunday’s game against Hull KR. It’s going to be a tough one.

They had a bit of a blip against Huddersfield in the cup last week but their form’s been good up until that.

They’ve got some good individuals, so we’ll have to be right on top of our game again – especially after last week.

We played well against Dewsbury, and we were delighted to hold them to nil, but that was in the cup and it all changes.

It’s important we refocus our thoughts and work at keeping up the momentum we’ve got going recently.