Tresor Kandol has been fined by Leeds for his sending-off at Norwich a week ago and manager Simon Grayson has had strong words with the Congolese striker.

Kandol, 28, started a four-match ban today and Grayson is furious with the player for ruling himself out at such a vital stage of the season by raising his hands to Norwich opponent Darrel Russell almost immediately after leaving the bench.

“He has been fined by the club as well as receiving a four-match ban from the FA,” said Grayson.

“I am hugely disappointed by what happened. There was nothing that led up to him doing that.

“We never even thought about appealing against his suspension because once you raise your hands you know what to expect.

“Tres has let himself and the club down. It is the second time he has been sent off this season for stupid incidents – once after the final whistle.

“It cost him a lot of money the first time and it has again. Hopefully he will learn his lesson.”