This is a massive test of character for everyone, from our old pro Thorney to the youngest trainee at the club.

We know we’re in a terrible run. You get testing times in life and this has undoubtedly turned from a bad couple of weeks to something a lot worse.

Every single person has to play their part in the battle we are facing. We can’t let the season dwindle away and there is no point in just giving up.

Forget any talk of getting in the play-offs. At the moment it’s also about getting that first win and restoring a bit of confidence in everyone.

The fans hate it at the minute. We hate it as well because we are responsible for what’s been going on – everyone is just desperate for that victory.

It makes coming into training difficult because you feel so down.

There’s nothing better than a Monday morning after a win but it’s no fun when you’re stuck on a bad run like this.

Obviously it gets the whole city down and we’re the reason. Everyone is on a downer.

The pressure is mounting on everyone at the club and we’ve got to stop conceding stupidly.

We must tighten up as a team because, whatever level you play, you can’t expect to win games by giving away two ridicously easy goals like we did at Lincoln.

No team can go away from home and expect to pull it back from 2-0 down in the second half. That rarely happens.

It’s vital that us older pros set the right example in such tough times. Some of the younger ones won’t have experienced this before.

Football is a great life when you are winning but now the new lads will be realising that the game isn’t always as good as it looks on the telly.

It’s pretty unforgiving when the results start going against you. It’s going to be a long weekend with all the travelling but maybe it’s a good thing for us all to spend a lot of time together.

Nobody will be left in any doubt what is required on Saturday.