Stuart McCall today stressed that he would never criticise the fans.

The City boss dished out a warning that anyone moaning and groaning about the current position would not be welcome at the club.

But McCall has made it clear that he was not poking a finger at supporters.

He said: “I would never do that. Nobody appreciates the fans and their support more than me.

“We know the results so far have not been good enough at home but the fans have stayed with us. The fact we have sold well over 6,000 season-tickets for next year shows that fantastic support.

“My focus when I said those things was 100 per cent with myself, my staff and the players. I was certainly not having a go at any supporter.”

McCall’s comments followed a meeting with the players – who were told to put any frustration from the first half of the campaign behind them.

“The season is still all to play for and I don’t want to see anyone with long faces. We can’t affect what’s gone on and I don’t want anyone looking back and moping about things.

“For as long as I’m in charge of this football club, I’m not going to let anybody go about feeling sorry for themselves – and that’s me included.

“We did enough looking back in the summer and it was too late then.

“We’ve got 30 points so far and probably need another 40 to 42. I don’t see any reason why we can’t give that a real go.

“We’ve got a positive outlook on things and we want to win as many points as we possibly can and then see where that takes us.

“I’ve had unbelievable backing from the fans.

“We’ve got one of the worst home records in the league but they keep turning up and supporting us.

“I wouldn’t for one second complain about them. Everybody at the club has got to pull together and do the best we can.”