Rhys Evans is seeking assurances from City that he will still be their number one next season.

The consistent keeper believes he can play a major role in the club’s bid to push back up the divisions.

But he is hoping for early proof that City feel the same way.

Evans’ contract is up in the summer and he would love a new deal. But after being messed about by Millwall last year, he is taking nothing for granted.

Evans said: “Regardless of the respect I have for Stuart McCall, as you get older you get more wary about the industry. And until I see something black and white put down in front of me, I don’t think I’ll trust anybody.

“I am very cynical after what happened with me at Millwall at the end of last season.

“That has affected me. Like those women who don’t trust men, I’ve come out of a bad relationship. With ten games left, (Millwall manager) Kenny Jackett told me that if they didn’t want me next season, they’d have told me by now – then they let me go.

“I think the manager here is aware I want to talk to him. Julian Rhodes has been quoted about his plans for this club for the future and my next question is whether I am part of that future.

“I want to know what’s going on. If they don’t tell me, because of what I’ve experienced, I have to look at my options.”

Evans insists he is being realistic rather than negative about his situation. With City in the thick of the promotion mix, he would love to give the long-suffering fans something to cheer this season.

And having spent the bulk of his career at League One level, he would relish the chance to test himself again at the next stage – as a Bantams player.

Evans added: “I would sign and I want to make that clear. I love working with Nigel Martyn, love the responsibility of putting some of the training sessions on with the other goalkeepers and we all have a good relationship.

“This club is a genuine sleeping giant and has massive potential. I’d love to be part of something here.

“You can see how fans hold certain people in high esteem here, not just the manager but other players. It would be great to be regarded in that way.”

Evans was snapped up just a week before the season begun after joining City for their two-game Scotland tour.

With Graeme Lee banned for Saturday, he is now the only ever-present this term and back-to-back clean sheets have taken his tally to 11 – the best of his career.

He added: “In the summer they had me over a barrel to some extent with the contract. I’m not going to take the mick but I think I’ve done well for the club.

“A lot of my opinions towards the club will be defined over the next couple of months with how they treat me. I’ve proved in the past that I’m not going to take being mucked about.

“The club have set a precedent by handing out two-year contracts. I got one year, which I can understand, but I feel I’ve delivered my end of the bargain up to now.

“I’d like to think they know that if I was given another year or 18 months, I’m not going to suddenly take my foot off the gas.

“If they want to wait to the end of the season, then I’ll have to look at other clubs – not because I want to but because I have to.

“I’m not going through a summer again like last year or I’ll end up going grey and looking like Philip Schofield. I think I’ve done well here, like I thought I did well at Millwall.”