Groggy TJ Moncur today admitted the Shrewsbury game was a complete blur.

City’s on-loan defender collapsed twice after cracking heads with team-mate Graeme Lee.

And he also appeared to start fitting on the pitch as concerned medical staff tried to treat him.

Moncur, whose injury held the game up for 12 minutes, was taken to hospital, where checks gave him the all clear.

But he could recall nothing about the incident.

Moncur said: “I can’t remember anything about the game or how it happened. I was passing the ball with Hecky (Paul Heckingbottom) in the warm-up and the rest is a blank.

“I thought it must have been the second half because we’d changed ends but apparently we did that before kick-off.

“People were saying I was quite aggressive and wanted to get off the stretcher but I can’t remember anything else. It’s probably just as well because I would have probably panicked if I’d seen all these people crowded round me.

“The next thing I knew was being in the hospital and having a scan. I’ve got a big bump on the head but luckily the doctor said everything was all right.”

Moncur was not allowed to drive afterwards because of the concussion and had to miss a family party to celebrate turning 21 during the week.

Boss Stuart McCall said: “That’s a double blow for the lad but it was a very worrying time for him.

“When it first happened, he kept asking me if he’d been subbed off. He wanted to carry on because he realised this was going to be a chance for him. He felt he could stand up and would be fine but then obviously collapsed again. I’d like to thank the Shrewsbury staff and their doctor for doing a good job.”

City’s problems multiplied when Lee Bullock, who switched to defence to take over from Moncur, also went off injured. He strained the medial ligament in the knee – which could keep him out for several weeks.

With calf victim Paul Arnison not ready to return, McCall has no right backs available and may be forced into the loan market to cover next Saturday’s home game with Luton.

He added: “I’m going to possibly have to look elsewhere. I don’t think TJ will legally be allowed to play so we’ll chew it over and decide what option to take.”