Former Hanging Heaton player John Crowhurst sat proudly in front of his paintings of the Gordon Rigg Bradford Premier League's 48 grounds when they went on display at Cleckheaton ahead of Tuesday night's league meeting.

The amateur artist is donating his work to each of the league's clubs free of charge, saying: “My reward is seeing them bring pleasure to others.

"I got great pleasure and enjoyment from doing the paintings and it is far better that they go on display at the clubs rather than gathering dust in my house."

The entire project took the former opening batter four years and was the result of both diligent research and skilful brush work.

"I wasn't able to visit all of the grounds, so I relied a lot on Google and pictures for some of the grounds," said Crowhurst.

"I would say the research for each one took around a day and then it took me about three to four days to complete each painting."

Crowhurst was present at Tuesday night’s pre-season league meeting to hand over the paintings to the clubs, but even just seeing all 48 on display at Cleckheaton that morning gave him great satisfaction.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: The Bradford Premier League grounds all lined up on chairs at this week's meeting in Cleckheaton. The Bradford Premier League grounds all lined up on chairs at this week's meeting in Cleckheaton. (Image: UGC.)

"Some of the pictures brought back memories of my own playing days," he said.

“I must confess that I am fond of the grounds such as Bradford & Bingley and Keighley with their old-fashioned pavilions."

Crowhurst has also set his sights on his next cricketing work of art, aiming to return to Lightcliffe and do a painting with their new pavilion as the backdrop.

He said: "I have fond memories of the old wooden pavilion.

“I used to like playing at Lightcliffe and I intend to go back and capture their new pavilion."

Although Crowhurst has said that he wants nothing for his four years of toil, league chairman Billy Holmes told the meeting: “A framed painting of their ground is a generous gesture to all 48 clubs.

“The league will be considering something of a gesture in return.”