Bradford (Park Avenue)’s bright right back is confident the best manager for the job will be brought in as the club faces potential relegation.

Lucas Odunston who led his side against Gainsborough last Saturday at the age of 23 was ‘delighted’ to have been recognised by caretaker Luca Havern ahead of the game.

Though Avenue lost the Northern Premier League Premier Division game in a narrow 2-1 defeat, Odunston feels that the team has a chance to pick up some points in the next couple of games.

Odunston told the T&A: “I was delighted to have been made captain for Saturday’s game and was really proud to wear the armband.

“I felt I really warmed to it and it helped my performance on the pitch and helped me push my game and my boundaries.

“I have been at Avenue three seasons now a bit longer than some of the other boys and it was nice to have my name picked out. I see it as a reward for good performances.”

The team is currently in a rocky position having been relegated last season and struggling to stay afloat this season.

With Mark Bower and his assistant Danny Boshell being sacked two weeks ago, the team has had to lift its spirits and get back out there.

Odunston paid huge respects to Bower and Boshell who took a chance on him and saw his potential.

“I owe them a lot; they picked me up when I had been injured and really helped me grow into the men’s game and taught me how to hold my own.

“They were great people, and they never lost the changing room and I can’t fault them.”

He highlighted how well Havern has adapted to the new role, pushing a reset on the players, getting them fit, strong and then back to basics.

With the role the team is on, it’s crucial they start picking up points in the next run of games.

He added: “It’s quite demoralising, back-to-back relegation and it’s definitely been tough, but we know we have the quality of players and the games we’ve been playing we’ve been losing on narrow margins.

“Every single game we lose is a sucker punch and it doesn’t help that we have a team riddled with injuries, but we can’t use that as an excuse.

 “When we go out there, it’s dog eat dog and we have to play.”

He described the home defeat to Matlock as the ‘worst he had experienced' as a player and highlighted there was some naivety in the squad.

Speaking of the future, Odunston has dreams of professional football and the chance to play at the top level.

“I’ve been here three seasons and I have loved the experience.

“I love the games and have learned so much but I want to be playing at the top level, but first I need to get Avenue out of this position.

Odunston is confident the club will make the right decision for the new manager saying ‘I don’t get involved in the politics of It, but I’m sure they will pick the right person for the job.’

“We’ve got to play well and start taking our chances focussing in the second half and pick some points up in the next couple of games.

“We’re raring to go.”

Avenue travel to play Lancaster City next, that league game being on Saturday at 3pm.