TEENAGE Bradford boxer Muhammad Amar Farooq has become Yorkshire amateur champion for the fourth time, but now he is eyeing national revenge after claiming he was “robbed” last time out.

Eighteen-year-old Farooq beat former stablemate Jon Price in their 67kg Yorkshire final last Friday in Sheffield, after getting the better of Hamza Sabir first, so now his focus is on national glory on November 19.

It will be the Purge Academy boxer’s second national finals this year, and his first experience has fired him up.

The Clayton youngster told the T&A: “My best effort at this level was getting to the national finals earlier this year.

“I reached the national final, but I thought I was robbed in that bout against George Peacock.

“I felt like I had won the fight, so I want to make a statement later this month and really go for it in the ring, to make sure the judges see I’m the clear winner.

“I have to get through the semis first, because the national finals are held over two days, on November 18 and 19.

“I know the dates but I’m not entirely sure of the venue for the finals just yet.”

Farooq insists becoming Yorkshire champion is still as satisfying as when he achieved that status for the first time.

He said: “I still get that same buzz, because every time I’ve come up against a harder opponent.

“They say that the harder the battle, the sweeter the victory, which is definitely something I believe in.”

Footage on social media shows Price looking distinctly unimpressed in the ring after Farooq was awarded victory against him in the final in Sheffield.

But the Clayton teen insisted he was the rightful winner and said: “I didn’t really think it was an even fight.

“The reason he was so disappointed was probably because he lost to me and there’s a bit of a rivalry between us.

“Whatever’s happened between us has happened, but I felt it was an easy fight really, and he probably just didn’t like how he lost to me.”

Becoming Yorkshire champion was no cakewalk for Farooq though, who had been ill before competing in Sheffield, and had to come through a tough bout against Sabir a few days ahead of the final against Price.

The Bradfordian said: “It was hard being ill and the nerves were kicking in.

“I wasn’t sure I felt right to fight and I confided in my coach, but he told me he had faith in me that I could do it.

“Hamza is from Sheffield itself, and I’ve beaten him three times now, but it’s always a tough fight against him, as he always comes into the ring ready for me.

“We’ve got a good rivalry going too, like I have with Jon.”

Farooq added: “I’m fighting at 67kg now, up from the 63.5kg I was at when becoming Yorkshire champion earlier in the year.

“I’ve found the move up in weight comfortable, as I can eat more and it’s allowed me to strengthen.

“I’ve got more punching power now than I had at 63.5kg.”