AFTER going through various stages both at local and regional level, a local kart racer has made it to the national finals.

And Ian Wilson, Eccleshill, has achieved this feat despite racing competitively for just two years.

At 37-years-old, the man with a need for speed will be one of 24 kart racers in his weight class competing at the British Indoor Karting Championship (BIKC) finals held at Teamsport Warrington on Sunday 12 November.

Wilson, who is sponsored by Bowers Electricals, the company that he works for, and Paragon Motorsports, admitted that this kind of achievement has been a long time coming.

He said: “Around two years ago, towards the end of the pandemic, I decided to pursue kart racing competitively because I’ve always had the urge to be competitive in some form of sport. So, I started to go to the local Teamsport track in Bradford and from there I continued to improve, and eventually I was pointed in the right direction by people within the sport to pursue bigger and better events.

“It was then about pursuing sponsors to help me fund my kart and other aspects of racing, and it was Bowers Electricals, the company that I work for, and Paragon Motorsports that decided to help me along the way.”

Over 4500 participants enter the BIKC each year, but the final is whittled down to the fastest 24 drivers in each weight category following a number of rounds at tracks around the country.

Wilson’s place in the final may come as a surprise to some people, with the Eccleshill resident only racing competitively for two years, however he sees it differently.

He said: “I have been involved for a short time, but I’m very dedicated to the sport; I've spent a lot of time and money to be invested as I possibly can be. The time and effort I’ve put in to helping me achieve in this sport is what has possibly set me apart from some other competitors.

“For me, I didn’t expect to do as well as I’ve done, and I would have been content competing throughout the various competitions. So, to get into the British finals is a bonus for me, but now I’ve got there it’s something that I’m extremely looking forward to.”

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: A trophy collected by Ian Wilson this seasonA trophy collected by Ian Wilson this season (Image: Submitted)

The BIKC Finals will be streamed via the Teamsport website and on YouTube with commentary, and whilst watching the events over the past two years, it was the spectacle that inspired Wilson to pursue his own career in the sport.

He said: “When I’ve been watching the finals over the past couple of years, there has been people that I know competing, so I’ve been supporting as well as enjoying the event. It made me think, I want to do that and be one of those people performing at such a high level.

“I’m at the stage now where I’m going to be able to do what I’ve wanted to achieve for a while by competing in the finals at Warrington. I’m absolutely thrilled to be there, and although I want to go for victory, I just feel so lucky to be there in the first place.”