SIR - Every year, around 200 horses are killed as a result of racing in Britain. The deaths of these beautiful animals are largely hidden from the public by an industry that wants people to think that supporting horse racing is just a harmless flutter or a fun day out ‘at the races’.

But there is huge cruelty behind the façade; for example, horses are still being beaten with a whip - racing’s regulator allows jockeys to hit their horses six times in a Flat race and seven in a Jump race.

And what happens when it’s all finished for the horses? If they’re lucky – and it is luck – they may find refuge outside of racing where they can live a near ‘natural life’ and gain a sense of their self-identity and dignity, and be respected for just being horses. But thousands of others will be condemned to death.

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Fiona Pereira, Campaign Manager, Animal Aid