Outgoing Leeds owner Andrea Radrizzani has accepted the blame for failing to keep them in the Premier League but insists he is leaving the club in good hands.

Radrizzani’s six-year stint at Leeds saw the club promoted back to the top-flight before being relegated to the Sky Bet Championship at the end of last season.

He has now sold his majority share in the Yorkshire club to 49ers Enterprises, who will be tasked with providing the infrastructure to take Leeds back to the Premier League once again.

“It was a very sweet time in my life but unfortunately it didn’t end in the way I wished,” Radrizzani told Sky Sports News. “But I take with me a lot of nice memories and good friendship… it was a unique experience.

“The criticism over the club’s relegation is justified because I failed, so I’m happy to take this blame.”

Owners of the San Francisco 49ers, 49ers Enterprises already held a 44% stake in Leeds but has now completed a takeover.

Radrizzani believes the new owners are more than capable of delivering another successful stint for the club.

“I want them (supporters) to know that the club is in good hands,” he added. “I’m sure if they don’t bounce back immediately under the 49ers, I’m sure they will come back to the Premier League.”

Radrizzani refused to rule out one day buying another English club as he revealed the errors he feels he made in the timings of sacking former managers Marcelo Bielsa and Jesse Marsch.

Marcelo Bielsa was appointed by Radrizzani and took Leeds back to the Premier League.

“He (Bielsa) actually said, ‘you should change me or you should change all the players because we can’t do better than that unless we make changes’,” Radrizzani continued. “I wasn’t brave enough to make such a decision after finishing ninth in the league.

“Jesse did a great job in that time but over a longer period I was expecting to see the coach come out and to show a similar playing style to Marcelo – personally, I wanted to make a change before the World Cup, then I was persuaded to hold on.

“I think it was a huge mistake as we had the slot of six weeks to make changes. Other teams successfully used this period but we ended up making the change in February, with very few options.”