BRADFORD motorcycling ace Dean Harrison has reflected on the horror crash that led to the deaths of two people at the Southern 100 last week.

Rider Alan Connor and marshal Liam Clarke were killed in the incident during practice, with a spectator and another rider also involved, which led to the cancellation of the rest of the marquee road race in the Isle of Man.

Harrison told the T&A: “What happened was a total tragedy.

“It was such a strange accident, with the way it happened, so I can see why there has been lots of investigations to try and get to the bottom of it.

“If someone goes round a corner and crashes going too fast you can understand straight away what has happened.

“But this happened after the chequered flag had fallen on the session, on a straight line.

“I obviously wouldn’t want to speculate about the circumstances around it though.”

Harrison felt that the cancellation of the remainder of the event was the right decision, saying: “If it was just a rider that had been killed, I feel like everyone would have wanted to carry on, out of respect for our fellow competitor, who would have wanted that to happen himself.

“But with the marshal being killed too, you never want that to happen, so out of respect to him, it was the right decision.

“It allows the organisers to get the bottom of what happened and means they can make improvements to the course if necessary for future editions of the event.”

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: The police scene at the Southern 100 following the fatal crash.The police scene at the Southern 100 following the fatal crash. (Image: Chris Hartley - chrissipix.)

Harrison had been excited to race at the event, and had already qualified fourth for the opening Senior race, in the Superbike class.

The Bradfordian reflected: “I was in decent shape out on track and was looking forward to the week.

“They actually call the Southern 100 ‘The Friendly Races’ as it’s an event that’s just so nice for everyone.

“It’s almost like a week’s holiday when you go over there, as you only race on an evening and get to relax during the day.”

Harrison balances his road racing exploits with competing at the British Superbike Championship.

He has just competed in round five at Snetterton, with the schedule taking the riders to Brands Hatch this weekend.

Harrison is not a huge fan of the former circuit, but loves the latter, saying: “At Snetterton I was pleased to get a point in my first race.

“I crashed in my second one and to be honest, the crashes there were insane that weekend, carnage really.

“Coming 16th and just outside the points in my final race wasn’t ideal but it’s not my best circuit so I was glad to get it out of the way.”

He added: “I’m really looking forward to Brands Hatch.

“We get to do the full Grand Prix circuit too, rather than just the shortened version.”

Harrison also loves the Oliver’s Mount road racing circuit in Scarborough, where he had great success at the Cock O’ the North earlier this month.

The next event there, the Barry Sheene Classic, clashes with Brands Hatch sadly, but he is back on the road soon.

Harrison confirmed: “After Brands Hatch I’m straight off to Northern Ireland for the Armoy Road Races.

“It’s called ‘The Race of Legends’ and I’ve been going there for years now.

“I’m only competing in the Supersport 600 class though, so that’ll be my focus for the weekend.”