CLUBS in the Dales Council League are going to be asked why they do not supply umpires.

At the moment, 14 clubs do not supply umpires for league or cup matches and only 12 do.

League fixtures secretary Ken Firth said at the latest league executive meeting at Pudsey Congs: “There were seven matches without league umpires last week (on Saturday, May 13) and only one match had two league umpires.

“We have an extra division this season and therefore we need at least six more umpires, but we have received only one new umpire.”

It is a situation that is unsustainable and is causing umpires’ appointments secretary Maria Vasudev massive headaches every week.

Clubs are to be asked: “Do you supply an umpire to the Dales Council Umpires’ Association? If so, please supply a name or names.

“If you don’t supply an umpire, please give a reason.”

The questions have been compiled by Paul Whiteley, the Umpires’ Association’s delegate to league meetings, and clubs have until Friday, June 9 to reply in time for the matter to be discussed further at the league’s next executive committee and mid-season league meeting at Pudsey Congs on Thursday, June 29.