Here are this week's angling lines for Leeds and Listerhills:


The result of the last three matches at Kippax Park are as follows..

The first at Lapwing Lake saw J. Smithson win with 79lb 3oz.

J. Redmond was second with 71lb 1oz, while C. McKenny came third with 67lb 9oz.

The next match was on Osprey Lake and was won by J. Redmond with 43lb 8oz.

T. Biggins ended up second with 35lb 15oz.

The winner of the last match at Lapwing Lake was P. Robinson with 52lb 8oz.

D. Cockerill came second with 47lb 10oz and J. Thomson finished third with 38lb.

Moving on to Moor Monkton Pools and the winner of the match there was A. Warren with 73lb 8oz.

A. Ball came second with 68lb 10oz, while P. Lofthouse finished third with 48lb 14oz.

R. Walker ended up fourth with 34lb 10oz.


The close season on rivers now applies and no cereal baits can be used.

Also there is a keep net ban until June 16.