IN the Bradford & District Sunday School Billiards League, the championship play-off quarter-finals were all Princeville affairs.

Their B and C teams were the ones who won through, at the expense of the A and D teams. 

The B team's victory was closer than the 3-1 scoreline suggests but the other match was all one-way traffic, as the C team recorded a 4-0 victory.

In the semi-finals, the C team will visit league champions Bradford Deaf Centre B, while the B team are also on the road, as they travel to runners-up Pudsey B.


P Devitt (Princeville C) 36 & 30, S Kershaw (Princeville B) 36, C Jarvis (Princeville D) 36, M Cockcroft (Princeville C) 31 & 31.

The previous week, in the qualifying matches, Bradford Deaf Centre B and Pudsey B had won through to the semi-finals, condemning Princeville D and Princeville B to quarter-final action.

In the elimination matches, fifth-placed Princeville A and sixth-placed Princeville C also made the quarter finals, with seventh-placed Pudsey A and bottom-of-the-table Bradford Deaf Centre A eliminated.


R Bowes (Pudsey B) 60, T Kershaw (Princeville A) 44.