ONCE again, it is very tight at the top of the Bradford & District Sunday School Billiards League.

The top two heading into the latest round of fixtures, Princeville D and Bradford Deaf Centre A, both suffered damaging defeats, which hauled them both into a pack of five teams now separated by just two and a half points with four rounds of fixtures remaining.

In a week of derby fixtures, Princeville D lost 3.5-1.5 to Princeville B, with Bradford Deaf Centre A going down 4-1 to their B team.

At Pudsey, Richard Bowes put in a star performance with a win by 101, including breaks of 44, 37 and 36, which effectively collected three points for his Pudsey B team.

His teammates were unable to add to his success though, as Pudsey A kept the damage to a 3-2 defeat.

The other match of the week saw Princeville C romp to a 4-1 win over rock-bottom Princeville A.


Bradford Deaf Centre A 1 Bradford Deaf Centre B 4

Princeville B 3.5 Princeville D 1.5

Princeville C 4 Princeville A 1

Pudsey B 3 Pudsey A 2


R Bowes (Pudsey B ) 44, 37 & 36


Princeville D 24.5

Bradford Deaf Centre B 24.5

Pudsey B 23

Princeville B 22.5

Bradford Deaf Centre A 22

Princeville C 20

Pudsey A 19

Princeville A 16.5