IT has become very tight at the top of the Bradford & District Sunday School Billiards League, after teams returned from their three-week Christmas break.

After the latest round of fixtures, five teams are separated by just a single point after Bradford Deaf Centre B, who led through December, were clawed back by Pudsey B, who beat them 4-1.

Princeville D beat Princeville A 5-0 to join Pudsey B at the summit, leaving Deaf Centre B to join Princeville B and Deaf Centre A (who were also 5-0 winners) just a point behind.

The three teams not in this leading pack all have home fixtures next time out, so will have a good opportunity to close the gap.


Bradford Deaf Centre A 5 Pudsey A 0

Bradford Deaf Centre B 1 Pudsey B 4

Princeville B 4 Princeville C 1

Princeville D 5 Princeville A 0


S Kershaw (Princeville B) 64, C Jarvis (Princeville D) 51, R Bowes (Pudsey B ) 33.


Princeville D 19

Pudsey B 19

Bradford Deaf Centre A 18

Bradford Deaf Centre B 18

Princeville B 18

Princeville C 14

Princeville A 13

Pudsey A 13