HOWDEN Wood was again the venue for the historic Bradford Motor Club annual Boxing Day trial.

Just about all the big names in trialling have ridden the Silsden venue over the last half century or more.

It was no different in the 2022 edition, when one of Silsden's finest ever sportsmen, Dougie Lampkin, rode the full lap of the 12-section course three times without incurring a single penalty.

His two nephews, Harry and George Hemingway, as well as Lampkin's immediate cousin, Ben Hemingway, dominated the podium.

As if that wasn't enough family dominance, Alfie Lampkin, Dougie's teenage son, nailed sixth place in the hard course class.

There were other men and women who starred at Howden Wood that are not part of the Lampkin/Hemingway dynasty.

Anthony Ayrton was back on form after his foot injury and won the Clubman class after a tie-breaker decider with John Bannister.

Clifton schoolboy Jimmy Crabtree won Clubman B from Crossflatts Beta rider Bethanie Dunning and top youth contender Zachary Sellers.

The trial went off without any problems too, with 48 riders taking on three laps of 12 sections, with one to nine being along the wall side and down into the far corner.

Ten was at the bottom of the track, 11 was manned and set out by John Lampkin (a hill climb) and 12 was back on the track near the top.

At the end of the trial, all the numbers of the riders were put into a box and Sophie Sellers picked one out.

The lucky winner was Josh Pearson, who won a set of Raptor Titanium foot pegs, sponsored by Raptor of Barnoldswick.

The next draw was for the observers, with the numbers 1 to 12 put into the box and drawn out by Sophie's brother Zach.

The two winners were section 10, Tony Wright and Sadie Crabtree.

The trial was enjoyed by all the riders, many of whom will surely return for the 2023 edition.

By Barry Robinson