BINGLEY Congs' third team are breathing a sigh of relief, having been offered a reprieve.

The Craven League's annual meeting at Cross Hills Social Club saw a perhaps controversial proposal from Sutton, which asked for Congs' third team to be removed from the organisation, given the first and second teams have moved to the Aire-Wharfe League from 2023 onwards.

Sutton were outvoted 20-6, with one abstention, meaning Congs' third team will go up to Division Three in the Craven League as planned, having been crowned Division Four champions in 2022.

Meanwhile, in some leagues, whether to continue with teas next season has often been decided by a single vote or even a chairman’s casting vote.

However, that was not the case for the Craven League, with clubs at the AGM voting in favour of retaining teas by a whopping 24-3 margin.

Another proposal to find favour – this time from the Umpires’ Association - was putting a time limit on how quickly overs are bowled, which was passed 21-4.

In Divisions One to Three, where an innings run its course, the fielding side should be ready to start the last of their 45 overs within three hours of the start of the innings.

Failure to do so will result in five penalty runs being awarded to the batting side (as long as they are deemed not be at fault) for every complete over bowled after the cut-off point.

In Division Four, where an innings can last a maximum of 40 overs, the cut-off time is two hours and 40 minutes.

Drinks breaks are to be included in the overall time but umpires can show discretion when it comes to things like injuries or time spent searching for lost balls.

Sutton’s proposal to have league matches played only on Saturdays was passed 15-4 with one abstention.

However, the league’s management committee, who are looking at the bigger picture, had already ruled in the November league meeting that special dispensation will be given to Keighley’s third team, who play their home matches on Sundays at Lawkholme Lane.

However, this is on the proviso that the dispensation is for one year only and that Keighley should still look for Saturday venues where possible in 2023.

Sutton’s proposal to start matches half-an-hour earlier – at 1pm (12.30pm in September) – was lost 18-9, while their proposal to scrap the player loan rule for a season was lost 19-5.

Skipton CI’s proposal to increase the points awarded from three to five if a game does not start due to bad weather was passed 24-2, with one abstention.

Another proposal of theirs, to increase the points awarded if a game starts but is then abandoned (from three points to five points plus bonus points), was passed 22-3 with two abstentions.