THE Wetherby Motor Club did manage to run the annual President's Trial on Sunday at Kingston Farm, Fellbeck, thanks to the endeavours of Richard Shepherd who plotted a four lap ten section course which avoided to soaked pastures.

Five sections in the Holly Tree area and then right opposite through the dense shrubbery on the steep hillside. The stream in the valley was low enough to include a section upstream and up the south bank. The large rocks alongside the Holly Tree served as a tough tester. A total of fifty five riders competed on the harder course while a further twenty one riders took the easier course option. Richmond father and son Chris and Elliott Laws won their classes heading top novice John Lydamore.

West Leeds club member Nigel Crowther Just beat former sidecar trials champion Robin Luscombe who worked wonders with his elderly BSA Bantam. Leeds youth novice ranked competitor Arran Sherwin won the youth class riding his Beta machine.

His Grandmother Wendy will now have a trophy to polish! Full marks to the organisers for plotting a user friendly trials course yielded low scores in all classes.


Hard course.

Novices: 1 Elliott Laws (Scorpa) 0, 2 John Lydamore (Norton) 2, 3 Errol Brown (Vertigo) 8.

Over 40's: 1 Greg Kershaw (Beta) 50.

Over 50's: 1 Nigel Crowther (Vertigo) 2, 2 Robin Luscombe (BSA) 5, 3 Paul Sadler (Vertigo) 5.

Over 60's: 1 Stephen Arnall (Beta) 33, 2 Mick Hayley (Beta) 41.

Youths: 1 Arran Sherwin 6, 2 Will Lampkin 31, 3 Jamie Graeme 41.

Easy course.

Novices: 1 Chris Laws (Scorpa) 0, 2 Ross Wellock (Montesa) 9, 3 Thomas Simpson (Beta) 11.

Over 40's: 1 John Henfrey (Beta) 16, 2 Peter Roberts (Beta) 27.

Over 50's: 1 Michael Benson (Montesa) 3, 2 Michael Hughes (Beta) 3, 3 Stuart Molloy (TRS) 4.

Over 60's: Ian Brogden (Beta) 8, 2 Steve Jackson (TRS) 29, 3 Ian Bradley

(Beta) 32.

Youths: 1 Noah Morten 5, 2 Alfie Drachenberg 33, 3 Robbie Pulman 3e6y. (All Beta).


Diary Dates.


Huddersfield Falcon M.C.C Trial, California Quarries, Crosland Hill 12.00.

Richmond Motor Club, Trial, Swan Farm, Redmire, 12.00.


Bradford & D.M.C. E.S.MYERS trophy Trial, Skyrakes Moor, Bog Lane, Skipton,

10.30 am.