BRADFORD Deaf Centre have lifted the first trophy of the season in the Bradford & District Sunday School Billiards League.

They defeated nearest rivals Princeville A, home and away, in the final round of fixtures in this season's knockout competition, which has on this occasion been played on a round robin basis.

The Deaf Centre collected 12 of the 15 points available to them over the course of the competition, with Princeville A finishing on eight, Princeville B on six and Pudsey on four.

The Deaf Centre had to win their final fixture to be sure of the trophy and the fact that they did so was largely down to Ian Ford's splendid 175-100 victory over Princeville's John Bedford, which included a break of 30.

It was the highest of the competition by a player in the higher handicap category (rec. 80 and above)


Princeville A 962 Bradford Deaf Centre 1060

Bradford Deaf Centre 1040 Princeville A 991

Pudsey 1129 Princeville B 959

Princeville B 1094 Pudsey 921


R Bowes (Pudsey) 40, 34 & 30, C Jarvis (Princeville A) 34, I Ford (Bradford Deaf Centre) 30.

The league competition started on Tuesday (November 1) with eight three-man teams.