HUDDERSFIELD trials rider Jack Price added his name to the long list of Scott Trial winners on Saturday heading former Leeds winners James Dabill and Johnathan Richardson.

Exactly two hundred riders battled with seventy three observed sections on the moors west of Richmond plus the time penalties. Price set the benchmark of fastest time but the observation went to Devon's Billy Green who lives at Porlock on the steepest road in the British Isles.

Silsden teenager Alfie Lampkin rode his first Scott Trial and impressed despite sustaining what appeared to be a black eye. His father Dougie Lampkin knows all about the event as do all the Lampkin brothers. Over half the starting number fell by the wayside. Only fourteen competitors signed off in double figure penalties.


1 Jack Price 26, 2 James Dabill 37, 3 Guy Kendrew 38, 4 Michael Brown 43, 5 Jack Peace 51, 6 Dan Peace 64.

Best Lady: 1 Emma Bristow 146, 2 Chloe Richardson 324.

On Sunday, the eighth Simon Green Motor Engineers Championship Trial took place on Sunday at Dry Gill, Greenhow where forty three competitors rode a hillside course with quarry workings, deep culverts and rocky outcrops. The ground was firm and the scores in each if the three classes modest. Nick Eagleton got his twin shock four stroke Honda round with just a penalty on the opening section.

The middle course fielded twenty two contestants where only top novice Tony Heath got round on an eight score. Only seven competitors tackled the hard route which was won by TRS rider Steven Fowler. Nige Pearson, Simon Green, John Bellwood, Russ Broadie and Chris Bancroft plotted and marked the course. The observers who endured a chilling breeze were Chris Bancroft,, Richard Collings, Mick Shorrock, Steve Hirst, Connie Taylor, Carine Gravener, Lisa Eagleton and Wendy Sherwin. The Club will stage the Bob Owen Memorial Trial at the Parkwood Offroad Centre, Tong, om November 12 starting at 11.00 am.


Hard course.

Novices: 1 John Bellwood (TRS) 54, 2 Phillip Frizzell (Beta) 162.

Over 50's: 1 Steven Fowler (TRS) 26, 2 Kevin Alderson (Vertigo) 53.

Youth Class A: 1 Arran Sherwin (Beta) 58.

Youth Class B: 1 Zachary Sellers (Beta) 70, 2 Charlie Petty (Beta) 81.

Green course:

Novices: 1 Tony Heath (Vertigo) 8, 2 Richard Crabtree (Montesa) 10, 3 Leon Wood (TRS) 16.

Over 50's:1 Neil Gaunt (Beta) 10, 2 Robert Hardisty (Sherco) 22, 3 Andrew Wilson (Sherco) 51.

Twin Shock: Andrew Walters (Honda) 39.

Youth Class A: Flynn Collings (Beta) 115.

Youth Class B; 1 Sophie White (Gas Gas) 29, 2 Jimmy Crabtree (Vertigo) 36, 3 Oliver Petty (Beta) 54.

Youth Class C: Sophie Sellers (Beta) 96.

Easy course:

Novices: David Lowe (Montesa) 12, 2 Any Turver (Beta) 12, 3 James Hemingway

(Beta) 16.

Over 60's: 1 Peter Jarman (TRS)18. 2 Paul Outhwaite (Beta) 29, 3 Mike Frizzell (Beta) 34.

Twin Shock: 1 Nick Eagleton (Honda) 1, 2 Michael Bayley (Fantic) 6.

Youth Class B: Alanna Eagleton (Beta) 66.

Youth Class D: William Hemingway (Beta) 35.

Small Wheels yellow route: Emily Petty(14, Small wheels white route: 1 Alfie Dykes (Beta) 0, 2 Tom Mitchell (Oset) 8, 3 George Whittle (Oset) 19.