THE Bradford Sunday School Billiards League has begun the new season with its knockout competition, featuring four six-man teams, and Bradford Deaf Centre and Princeville A have already won both of their games.

The tournament, which also features Pudsey and Princeville B, is being played in a round robin format with home and away matches in successive weeks.

By winning both fixtures in the first round Bradford Deaf Centre and Princeville A have picked up five points each, while Pudsey and Princeville A are still to get off the mark


BFD Deaf Centre 1110 Pudsey 1090

Princeville B 861 Princeville A 917

Pudsey 1085 BFD Deaf Centre 1216

Princeville A 1029 Princeville B 815


R Bowes (Pudsey) 47 & 30 twice, B Haigh (Princeville (B) 36, C Jarvis (Princeville A) 30 twice, J Allan (Pudsey) 30, I Hussain (BFD Deaf Centre) 30

Meanwhile, league fixtures this season will feature three-man teams and eight sides have been entered.