HERE are this week's angling lines.


The result of the last match at Moor Monkton Pools saw P. Carter win with an impressive haul of 199lb 9oz.

He finished comfortably in front of A. Warren, who was second with 104lb 4oz, and L. Myers, who ended up third with 87lb 13oz.

The result of the veterans match at Kippax Park saw S. Pearson come first with 44lb 7oz.

P. Beedle was not far behind in second with 43lb 1oz, while R. Freer secured third place with 32lb 5oz.

The annual match is tomorrow (Sunday) at Hunters-on-Linton, followed by the Bank Holiday match on the Lower Aire.


The result of the match on the canal at Rodley saw B. Mason with 3lb 7oz.

R. Thorne came second with 2lb 2oz, while E. Harrison finished third with 1lb 10.25oz.

J. Mason rounded off the top four with 1lb 3oz.