ONLY twenty seven competitors headed for remote Halton Gill at Bill Wilkinson's fine acres north of Skipton on Sunday, ten sections and four laps all in the empty stream bed.

Brian and Anthony Ayrton set the trial out on Saturday in fine and dry weather. The scores show it was testing for the riders but all got stuck in and enjoyed the trial.

The ten section event tracked the stream that ran from the moors half a mile up the hillside right down to the Arncliffe road. The adjoining field and the top boundary wall also contained sections. The Ayrton family figured in the results. Anthony was the only Inter entry and topped the hard route class from Jacob Reeday and Arran

Sherwin while daughter Lucy Ayrton won Clubman A. Phillip Hammond headed

Clubman B and was the top Over 40's competitor. One young lady making the news is Sophie Sellers and she tracked Beginner's route winner James Hemmingway. Not a huge entry but a fine trial.


Championship course:

Inter: Anthony Ayrton (TRS) 40.

Youth Class A: 2 Arran Sherwin (Beta) 90, Elliott Cock (Vertigo) 96.

Youth Class B: Jacob Reeday (Beta) 75.

Clubman A: 1 Lucy Ayrton (TRS) 60, 2 Chris Watson (Beta) 65, 3 Mark Longbottom (TRS) 71.

Clubman B:

Clubmen: 1 Ben Hanson (Vertigo) 24, 2 Cameron Emmett (Vertigo) 58, 3 Oliver Winstanley (Beta) 51 Over 40's: 1 Phillip Hammond (Sherco) 13, 2 Peter Hollingworth (Vertigo) 68, 3 Stephen Shutt (Beta) 69.

Beginners: James Hemingway (Beta) 27.

Class C: 1 Sophie Sellers (Beta) 43, 2 William Blackwell (Beta) 97.

Class D: William Hemingway (Beta) 71