SIR - If new houses are built within 50 feet of a cricket field, the windows, roof slates and doorways will be peppered by sixes hit by batsmen. With the growing popularity of Twenty/20 it is even more of a problem.

If new houses are built on the perimeter of the boundary line like what has happened at Crossflatts Cricket Club, it is complete lunacy. One must wonder what went through the minds of council planning officers who recommended the building application was approved. This will go ahead, despite the approval being quashed by a Judicial Review- we are talking Bradford here! Nobody considered the health and safety of cricketers who when chasing the ball to the boundary edge could easily follow through head first into the houses. Or are they expected to check their run a good 20 feet or so before the edge?

Crossflatts Cricket Club could easily go under if this development is allowed to happen in its entirety. Will it be the club’s insurance that covers the repeated damage of the houses? Will they have to close their clubhouse early to avoid disturbing the new house-owners?

This club caters for three senior sides, five junior sides, women/girls teams and they welcome players of all ethnicity. If one wants a model of diversity - something the council likes to promote - come to Ryshworth Park! The club in recent years has joined the ECB Bradford Premier League as a an ECB Accredited club and have shown much ambition for the future. Discussing the topic with a friend recently, he espoused, “What do you expect of the Council”. Indeed so!

Reg Nelson, Westfield Road, Bradford