SIR - Inevitably, I read today that the price of the T&A is to rise to 85p and £1 on Saturdays.

To me this is not a problem as everything else is increasing, except rainfall lately" So I am more than happy to pay a little extra as where else would I be able to read about such things as some drivers doing 80 in a 30 zone to rush home to care for their sick relative or to read about trouble on the estates or drugs farms being busted after being tended to by illegal immigrants, even the Brexit debate. Who won? As far as I recall the Leave campaign won that vote, John C, so end of conversation.

I would also like to congratulate the T&A on their excellent coverage of local sports (especially footie) which is second to none in my opinion.

I would be lost without my daily dose of the Telegraph & Argus, as I couldn't go A Day Without my T&A.

Derek Essex, Fairbairn Fold, Bradford