MO Agoro’s hat-trick for Keighley Cougars on Sunday against Cornwall meant he became just the fifth player in rugby league’s summer era to score a try in 11 consecutive games.

He credits both head coach Rhys Lovegrove and the senior figures in the team for helping him achieve the extraordinary feat, and worryingly for upcoming opponents, he does not feel he has peaked.

The winger, who has 25 tries in total this season, said: “It’s mindblowing to score in 11 games in a row.

“In the group of us that have achieved that, there are some outstanding players, so just to be alongside those names is something I’m massively proud of.”

Luke Briscoe holds the outright record, having scored in 17 consecutive games for Featherstone in 2018, but Agoro can equal him if he scores in all of Cougars’ remaining six fixtures.

The 29-year-old said: “Having those little goals is nice, and I think it’s good that challenge is there in front of me.

“But I don’t feel like it’s something I have to focus on too much, as getting the two points is the main thing.”

Agoro joined Cougars in 2020, having left Newcastle Thunder at the end of the previous season.

And he credits Lovegrove for a lot of his improvement since then, saying: “I feel like I have developed as a player, and I get better each year.

“Rhys has implemented his style over the years and he’s helped me improve.

“His philosophy is to make sure each player who comes to the club gets better under him.

“I can’t forget all the other coaches I’ve worked with here that have helped my development too though.”

Playing alongside the likes of Jake Webster, Dane Chisholm and Scott Murrell is no doubt helping, and Agoro said: “Those three have got such a massive standing in the sport, and they’ve helped my game massively.

“Having them here has been good for the culture of the club, and I’ve learnt from them, as they know stuff I don’t.

“I can pick their brains and see how I can improve, and it’s good to learn from other players rather than coaches sometimes, even if they are like coaches on the field.”

Asked if he feels at the top of his game, Agoro said: “It’s hard to say whether I’m at my peak, but I think I can show more.

“I always want more and to be the best I can be, so I wouldn’t say I am at my peak.”

Cougars have won all 14 of their League 1 games so far this season, and are six points clear at the summit.

But Agoro insisted: “We respect each team, and don’t take anyone lightly.

“We need to treat each game coming up like a Grand Final, and do that until we reach our main objective of winning the title.”

Cougars should get the job done though, with Agoro looking set to play in the Championship for the first time since 2015 with Hunslet.

He said: “I back myself in any team I play for and I’d back myself to step up.

“Everyone wants to play at the best standard possible.”

When asked if he felt Cougars could challenge the Bulls’ supremacy in the Bradford District, Agoro said: “I think we’re just running our own race.

“They’re a great club, who’ve done great things in the community, but we’re not looking too much at Bradford if we’re honest.”