THE Bradford club staged another fine midweek trial at Manor Farm, Thorlby where forty one competitors rode a slightly harder than usual four lap eight section course.

The terrain at Manor Farm provides a good variety of sections to test the three rider classes but despite that fact Christ Hirst won the hard route class with a faultless ride. On the fifty-fifty route Curtis Johnson, Ian Haigh and John Wilkinson turned in clean rides.

Maybe if had been wet the story would have been different. The Clerk of Course Phillip Dyson was right on target. Ilkley's Daniel Hole won the hard route from Josh Pearson and Mason Carter. Special mention of Frizinghall brothers Charlie and Oliver Petty and little sister Emily. All three improve by the week.

Oliver won his class riding the hard route. It was a very special evening for Silsden boy Edward Kopasz. Edward overcomes his cerebral palsy competing on his battery powered Oset machine, but not on Wednesday. The boy rode with his father Max in a petrol powered Beta machine. His Oset machine had special footrests fitted to overcome control. Eight year old Edward really enjoyed his new machine. He does not give and the smile on his face was testimony.


Hard course:

Novices: 1 Daniel Hole (Beta) 11, 2 John Pearson (Vertigo) 13, 3 Mason Carter (TRS) 32.

Youth Class: 1 Charlie Petty (Beta) 41, 2 Oliver Petty (Beta) 77, 3 Archie Wellock (TRS) 87.

Clubmen: 1 Chris Mitchell (Beta) 86, 2 Cameron McIntyre (Beta) 73, 3 Daniel

Appleby (TRS) 134.

Clubman easy: 1 Richard Whitaker (Beta) 5, 2 James Hemmingway (Beta) 11, 3 Bradley Pickles (Montesa) 19.


The John Bolton Trophy Trial at Post Hill on Sunday was a real day of trialling for forty one competitors. For some reason sixteen Falcon Motor Club had escaped from Summer Wine country to navigate the Post Hill woodland where John Kershaw had marked out thirteen sections. Even more surprised Mr Kershaw when one of the Summer Wine invaders won the Clubman class, Take a bow Katie Ward.

The girl/lady cleaned all but section n ten where only Christophe & John Wilkinson manage a clean ride, Paul Kettlewell won the John Bolton Trophy from Steven Fowler and Josh Maude. Frizinghall teenager Charlie Petty won the P.W. Cork Shield


Main course.

Novices|: 1 Paul Kettlewell (Sherco) 0, 2 Steven Fowler TRS) 2 mc, 3 Josh Maude (Gas Gas) 2.

50/50 course: 1 Callum Burgin (Vertigo) 2, 2 Leon Wood (TRS) 3, 3 Shane Drewitt (Beta) t4 fc.

Youth Class B: Charlie Petty (Beta) 6.

Clubman course; 1 Katie Ward (Sherco) 8, 2 Christopher Wilson (Beta) 12, 3 Ben Haigh (Shrco) 17 mc.

Youth Class B: Oliver Petty (Beta) 17.