Here are this week’s angling lines from Leeds and Listerhills.


The match at Moor Monkton Pools was won by T. Bainbridge with 149lb 9oz.

L. Myers came second with 87lb 10oz, M. Dodsworth finished third with 71lb 4oz and A. Warren was fourth with 59lb 10oz.

There have been several good catches of barbel from the Ouse, below the Nidd mouth.

Tomorrow's match at Ulleskelf is for the Greenwood Cup.


Last week's match at Rodley was affected by a strong wind.

The winner was B. Mason, while R. Thorne came second.

E. Harrison was third while P. Smith finished fourth.

The next match will be on the same length of the canal.

Anglers losing large fish in the River Aire are probably fishing too light.