THE Yeadon-Guiseley club paid their once a year visit to Emmott's farm on the outskirts of Silsden on Sunday where Paul Jackson and his team staged the fifth club championship trial on the splendid acres of grassland and the stream that included some slippery sections.

The entry of forty five rode four laps. On the championship route novice Aaron Holmes topped the class ahead of Inters Danny Cockshott and Ben Butler. Anthony Ayrton took time out from chasing daughter Lucy in the Ladies championship to exercise his 250 TRS machine to beat organiser Paul Jackson in the Clubman B category.

Clubman B was won by Bradford boy Charlie Petty and his younger brother Oliver was seventh in the same class. Little sister Emily was placed fourth in the Small Wheels class! The Club thanks Danny Cockshott, Andrew Carter, Paul Gravestock, Paul Jackson and the ten observers for their assistance


Championship course:

Inters: 1 Danny Cockshott (Montesa) 45, 2 Ben Butler (Vertigo) 50.

Novices 1 Aaron Holmes (Gas Gas) 36, 2 Jake Weatherill (Sherco) 81.

Youth Class A: 1 Arran Sherwin (Beta) 80, 2 Harrison Lightfoot (Beta) 90.

Clubman A:

Novices: 1 Anthony Ayrton (TRS) 12, 2 Paul Jackson (Beta) 25, 3 Paul Gravestock (Gas Gas) 29.

Youth Class B: Zachary Sellers (Vertigo) 91.

Clubman B:

Novices: 1 Nick Eagleton (Honda) 31, 2 Sam Taylor (Sherco) 32, 3 John Hindle

(TRS) 42.

Over 50's: 1 David Walker (Gas Gas) 27, 2 Phillip Smithson (TRS) 54.

Twin Shock: Colin Shackleton (Honda) 86.

Youth Class B: 1 Charlie Petty (Beta) 14, 2 Oliver Petty (Beta) 45, 3 Jimmy Crabtree (Vertigo) 48.

Small Wheels:

Class C: 1 Leoni Cock (Beta) 1, 2 Emily Petty (Oset) 20.

Class D: Rocco Watson (Oset) 1.

Elsehwere, A PLEASANT sunny afternoon greeted the riders at Post Hill last weekend. 
Paul Kettlewell going round clean, leading seven riders who all under ten marks lost. Riders on the 50/50 course having a harder time with winner on this route, Jonathan Wilson, losing eleven marks, eight of which were on the tricky tenth section.

On the Beginners route, Andy Turver had a comfortable lead to take the win on this route. The Club thank observers Sue Driffield, David Craig, Graham Wilson, Paul Whitaker, Peter Walton and the competitors who also took on the role of observer. Plus Clerk of Course Jeff Prior and his assistants. West Leeds run the John Bolton Trophy Trial at Post Hill on 10-07-22.
Main course.
Novices: 1 Paul Kettlewell (Sherco) 0, 2 Jeffrey Prior (Vertigo) 2 fc, 3 Chris Hirst (Vertigo) 2.
Over 40's: 1 John Hindle (TRS) 43, 2 Simon Cassidy (TRS) 73.
Over 50's: David Ainley (Gas Gas) 43, 2 Andrew Wilson (Sherco) 63.
Over 60's: 1 Stewart Oughton (Beta) 1, 2 Christopher Johnson (Gas Gas) 5.
50/50 course.
Novices: Elliott George (Montesa) 22.
Over 40's: 1 Matthew Morrell (Beta) 20.
Over 50': 1 Jonathan Wilkinson (Beta) 11, 2 Howard Gulley (Honda) 15, 3 Ged Fallon (TRS) 24.
Youth Class B: Callum Edmondson (Beta) 57.
Beginner's: course: 
Novice: Andy Turver Beta) 6.
Over 40's: Simon Lehane (Montesa) 35.
Over 50's: Andrew Hirst (Montesa) 14.
Over 60's: 1 Ian McMillan (Fantic) 11, 2 Paul Outhwaite (Beta) 60, 3 Mike Frizzell (Beta) 21.