BRADFORD native Karl Boyes is back playing pool competitively after it looked like his glittering career was winding down.

But he admits that his media work has become the main focus these days, after becoming a hugely popular pundit and YouTuber for the sport.

The four-time Mosconi Cup winner made a comeback in the Ultimate Pool Professional Series over the weekend, reaching a semi-final.

But he only returned to the table because he can fit it around his media commitments.

Discussing his work off the table, Boyes said: “I’m working as a commentator for Matchroom and I really enjoy my role.

“It’s not something I ever thought I would do, but the key is just to get your views across.

“People seem to like it, they buy into what I have to say, and it feels natural.

“There’s no real pressure on it either, whereas when you’re competing you’re up against it.

“Now it’s my turn to rip the pros a new one.”

The 39-year-old’s YouTube work is gaining more and more traction too, and he said: “My channel is all about promoting the game, and really you need to go down that social media road nowadays.

“When I was playing on TV, I wasn’t really doing that, but I love that media side of things now.

“I like to do things on the channel that have an instructional basis, like taking shots from pro matches and analysing them.

“I want it to be a bit like Rick Shiels’ channel (which has over 2.2 million subscribers), but for pool, as Rick reviews anything to do with golf.

“It’s good, because all I’ve ever done is pot pool balls, but now I’m self-taught at editing, and I’m picking things up all the time.”

But it was back to how he made his name at the weekend, and asked about how his return had gone, he said: “I did okay for someone who’s not been competing and I’ll look to play the rest of the events in the Pro Series, as long as I’m available to do so.

“Ultimate Pool were trying to get me to play on it next year, but a few people have been dropping out, so they asked me halfway through this season instead.”

It is clear where Boyes’ heart lies now though, and that comeback is not part of some glorious big return to the table.

He said: “I’m only going to play these Ultimate Pool Pro Series events.

“They’re all on a weekend, and as long they don’t clash with my 9-ball work on TV with Matchroom, I’ll play in them.

“I’m living in Blackpool now, and that’s where the Pro Series events are held, so they’re easy to get too, which suits me.

“Obviously I beat some good players over the weekend, so that shows I’m still capable of competing.

“But I just want to mainly focus on my media work for now, be that on TV or growing my YouTube channel.”